About Pamela

Pamela Netz, CPCP

Pamela is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional, (CPCP,) credentials earned by examination through the board of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, (SPCP).  She received the highest test score in 2012. These credentials are currently not required in the state of Arizona. As a professional,  Pam supports the idea of maintaining her education by taking  continuing education courses every two years. Pam works in an upscale, private licensed business office located in the beautiful Northwest area of Tucson in Oro Valley and is referred by physicians.

Since 1994, Pamela has performed thousands of permanent makeup procedures including eyeliner, lip liner and full lip color.  Advanced procedures include the re pigmentation of hypo pigmented skin after tattoo removal and skin cancer, scars associated with surgical incisions, accidents and re pigmentation of the nipple areola complex after a Mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Pam specializes in cosmetic tattoo removal and the correction of permanent cosmetic color and design.

Pamela is interested in spending time with you to discuss your individual needs and style preferences. This includes a study of your facial symmetry and what is needed to emphasize your unique and positive features. Pamela is an artist  who has chosen this career and continues to enjoy working with clients in her practice today.

Pamela Netz, CPCP in the lobby of her office in Oro Valley.

What Physicians say about Pamela

Kian Samimi, MD, FACS Former Chief Section Plastic Surgery, U of A Health Sciences Center

"Attention to detail, personal care and artistic ability is why I send my patients to Pam."

Robert Dryden, MD, AZ Centre Plastic Surgery

" A very talented and conscientious professional artist."

Edward Eades, MD, Plastic Surgery

" With subtle color and soft shading, Pam is able to produce the most impressive results...only an artist can do that."

About Us

Pam's office in Oro Valley, AZ

Faces Artistry serving Tucson since 1994

We have been in the business of permanent cosmetics for over 25 years, as of October 2019. Most of our business comes from referrals and that means a lot to us. We are constantly striving to exceed your expectations in service and results. Taking educational courses in new techniques in order to be knowledgeable about new trends and techniques.

Pam's Office in Oro Valley, AZ

Pamela Netz, CPCP

Pam feels the application of permanent makeup is an art. She decided to enter the field of permanent cosmetics to utilize her artistic talent. "I became interested in learning the manual technique of permanent makeup due to my experience with etchings and detailed pen and ink drawings. The non-mechanical Softap tool operates like a pen, employing an etching motion. Besides discipline and control, a high level of skill and concentration are required to do this type of work.  It is something I enjoy and feel very comfortable with. I knew from the beginning that it was the perfect opportunity for me to use my skills as a way of helping people feel better about themselves. It gives me great satisfaction and pleasure to see a client's self-esteem greatly improved by these procedures."

Pamela Netz, CPCP at her office in Oro Valley, AZ, Faces Artistry

Website Information

As you go through my website, be sure to scroll down each tab on my home page for more information, my procedure service menu and special discounts . I also have two pages dedicated to a photo gallery of my work. I specialize in various techniques for eyebrows including a way of making micro hair strokes with the manual pen, much like micro blading. There are different techniques involved in all procedures. I would be glad to discuss with you. I will be writing and posting articles on these and other subjects of interest. So check back from time to time. 


What Butterflies mean to me...

 I accomplished a transformation which involved moving my business some years back. The process was difficult and trying at times. I am much better having made the move and learned that most things in life involve planning and patience. The butterfly  represents the transformation that takes place when new clients come in to improve their appearance with permanent cosmetics. All procedures require planning before beginning. Upon completion, we patiently await to see our results. The healing stage  is very much like the caterpillar which becomes the Chrysalis. During the time the skin is healing, it is shedding some color and skin. The  process is complete in about 5-7 days. The Butterfly then emerges from the Chrysalis.


Following is my Photo Gallery and Client Reviews

Please have a look at my work and let me know what techniques or styles interest you. Remember there are many styles, colors and shapes to choose from. Age, size, facial shape and color play a bigger part in selecting the right style or technique for you! Most clients know what they like and do a great job of designing. It is my job to interpret what you do and make it perfect! I am glad to help you in the process. Many of the after photos are right after a procedure, in which case, the colors may look darker until healed.