May Special Event

May Special Event

Considering what is going on in the world, I would like to offer my clients and new clients an opportunity to purchase permanent cosmetic procedures at a discount. Our world is going through many changes and challenges due to the Corona-virus, COVID-19 pandemic, so I hope that the offer will give clients a better value since many products and services may be more expensive. Permanent cosmetics are a good value, maybe not an "essential" service but many persons who work in the  industry of nursing, medicine and other industry settings find that conventional makeup is not practical or desirable. Having permanent makeup such as Eyebrows is a time saver for many of us. I have spent several weeks now at home due to the pandemic and find that I am not interested in attention to my appearance as I might otherwise be at work, wearing professional clothes or make up. Many of us have done without nail or hair salon services. It has been a morale booster to have my eyebrows and eyeliner when I am not motivated for conventional makeup. Hang in there everybody and thanks for your continued support. - Pamela Netz


* These procedures are generally handled on a reimbursement basis to the patient with a referral from the physician and authorization from the healthcare provider.

The Softap Method and Tool

The Softap Method and Manual Tool

Most of us are associate machines with the process of permanent cosmetics and there are many devices to choose from. There are machines that are designed for the specific application of permanent makeup. The modern Softap tool is  non-mechanical, totally disposable and employs a technique much like etching. Regardless of the equipment used, excellent results begin with an experienced professional who is proficient in their method of choice. 

Both methods require skill and expertise. Pamela prefers the manual technique because the non-mechanical tool is entirely disposable along with other materials used in the procedure. Pamela is proficient with the manual technique and likes the fact that it is easily controlled when working in tight areas and gives her flexibility to be very specific in placement. Excellent results depend more on artistic skill and expertise, rather than the method utilized. Pam prides herself on providing personalized care and attention to detail. Pam will also take time to make sure you are comfortable during procedures. At Faces Artistry, strict hygienic standards are also maintained in order to provide a safe environment for your procedures. Permanent makeup is her sole practice and specialty. Trust Pamela to discover how professional service and artistic skill combine to make a difference in your procedure results.

permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, full lip color and cheek blush by Pamela Netz, CPCP of Faces Artistry.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Full Lip Color and Cheek blush by Pamela Netz, CPCP